In every form of entertainment medium, one is bound to encounter musical maestros capable of leaving a lasting impression through their works. Simply put, skillful musical composers.

For instance, the average movie enthusiast might like Hans Zimmer. He is known for his works in The Lion King, Gladiator, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and the Dark Knight trilogy. If you’ve recently watched a big blockbuster flick, chances are it was musically composed by Hans Zimmer.

Meanwhile, video game enthusiasts such as myself might recommend Mick Gordon, the composer of Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. His work on…

Old as the film may be, Citizen Kane (1941) was often regarded as one of the best films of all time. From the story to the filmmaking technique involved, the film is still subject to praise to this day even though it was made during the classical black-and-white period. It also gave Orson Welles his claim to fame as one of the best film directors of all time.

However, Welles wasn’t the only writer to the film’s complex and layered story. Instead, majority of Citizen Kane’s story was written by Herman Jacob “Mank” Mankiewicz, a renowned Hollywood scriptwriter. This is…

Every video game in existence must have a tutorial. How are you supposed to play a game if you don’t know how to play it in the first place?

It is also no secret that some video games did their tutorial sections better than others. They were immersive without being ambiguous and informative without being intrusive. They did their jobs well, and when the button prompts start to disappear, players were able to play the games on their own like a toddler finally being able to walk on their two legs.

Not every game benefited from the same tutorial treatment…

Have you ever played through a game and thought, “Man, the title doesn’t feel right”, or “the game doesn’t match the title”? I for one have been through those kinds of experience, and I’ve been through it enough to be able to write an article about it.

That’s not to say these games were undeserving of their respective titles. Some, if not all of them, are great games in their own right. What I’m trying to say here is that in my opinion, the content, concept, and direction that these games took does not match with the franchise that they…

Jason West.

Former top game developer for 2015 Inc., co-founder and former president of Infinity Ward, and more recently co-founder of Respawn Entertainment. From the titles bestowed upon him alone, it’s easy to think of him as a major power player within the gaming industry, whose movements and maneuvers sent ripples that was felt by game enthusiasts everywhere.

And you’d be right.

For context, 2015 Inc. was the studio behind Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, one of the most highly regarded World War II first-person shooters of all time. Infinity Ward was responsible for birthing the mega-franchise Call of Duty

Call of Duty is undoubtedly one of the biggest video game franchises right now. 2019’s Modern Warfare has earned $1 billion in revenue. Not to mention the game’s massive following thanks to its Warzone gamemode tying Modern Warfare and 2020’s Black Ops Cold War into one explosively addictive package. Simply put, it shows no signs of slowing down.

However, it wasn’t always like this. Those that stuck through the game’s humble beginnings knew the franchise wasn’t about doomsday scenarios and 100-man battle royale arenas. …

The way video games tell stories can be found in fascinating ways. Often times it’s through clearly visible means such as the gameplay and story. Other times it can be subversive in nature that can be easily missed by untrained eyes, or in this case, ears.

These original soundtracks tell those stories, even when the games they are featured in aren’t exactly story-driven games. Through these beats and sounds, us gamers can deduce the kind of tone these games are going for and the themes they championed.

As for my case, these soundtracks resonate with me during my experience in…

And remember people, there’s an O in the OST acronym. So none of those licensed-songs-cleverly-used-in-an-epic-video-game-moment here.

Such as shame at that, since I have some picks regarding that category. My all-time favorite Saints Row franchise has some of those: Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” in Saints Row: The Third and Stan Bush’ “The Touch” in Saints Row 4 come to mind.

But, that’s another story for another day, I guess.

As you might have noticed in my other stories, I fancy me some heart-pumping and adrenaline-injecting kind of game soundtracks. Tracks that are fast-paced and quick on the…

I am an action cinema buff. I’d like to make that clear from the get-go.

And as a result of being an avid fan of the genre, I get to watch all kinds of action movies which eventually led to me developing an action cinema taste of my own. Through repeated exposure towards silver screen violence, I have discovered that I prefer well-choreographed grounded action sequences over fiery screen-filling explosion set-pieces. From that explanation alone, it’s easy to deduce that I would have favored John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) over Transformers: The Last Knight (also 2017). …

If you are a meme connoisseur like I am, then chances are you have run into the drifting Eurobeat memes that has been circulating around the internet.

Main characteristics are as follows: a clip of something drifting accompanied by a genre of catchy fast-paced disco music called Eurobeat. ‘Something’ here can refer to virtually anything in any given scenario: trash bins during a torrential rainstorm, high school kids on a slippery floor, a cyclist on a busy metropolitan road, or even a commercial jumbo jet on a wet tarmac. …

Anselmo Jason

I write about what I like. I like video games, movies, and a little bit of anime.

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